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Waxtaan Serigne Khadim Lo Touba Michigan mosque on July 13th, 2009

The Ambassador of the United States in Touba, Senegal

Ms. Marcia Bernicat, Ambassador of the United States in Senegal has been in the holy city of Touba, this Wednesday, December 16, 2009. For her first visit to the religious city, it was accompanied by members of her family and her closest collaborators. Among them her advisers and a delegation from USAID.

Ms. Bernicat and her delegation at the Al Azhar Touba

Mrs. Bernicat first met Serigne Mame Mor MBACKE Ibn Serigne Mourtada at the Al Azhar Ndame which held a grand ceremony in the massive presence of the students of Serigne Saliou Mbacke Mourtada, CEO of Al Azhar, Amadou Samb Center Director of Ndame and the facility staff.

The welcome message delivered to the ambassador was an opportunity of a brief presentation of the institution, its objectives and its major achievements since its foundation.

Serigne Mame Mor Mbacke speaking noted that the collaboration of Al-Azhar institute with the U.S. government dates from the time of Serigne Mourtada MBACKE. Exemplary rapports which were the result of the introduction of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba days in several states.
He emphasized the message of peace of the Muridism, mutual cooperation between his followers and teachings of Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba. The President of the group Al Azhar went back on current projects including diversification of energy sources and the establishment of centers of excellence that is part of the extension activities.

The speech of her excellency focused on gratitude for the warm welcome reserved to her. Her Excellency also praised the vision of Sheikh Mourtada Mouhamadou in the field of education.

It was given to questions about Islam in the United States posed by students and has provided answers. The ceremony was closed by giving gifts before her excellency can visit the sites of the university building which investments in equity are around 900 million CFA francs at the present stage.

The audience with the Caliph General Mourides

After Ndame, Mrs. Bernicat was received by the Khalif General  Mouhamadou Lamine Bara MBACKE at the  Cheikhoul Khadim residence in the presence of Serigne Mame Mor MBACKE. In her speech, Her Excellency thanked particularly the Caliph for the reception and the mark of honor that he gave on receiving her, and her delegation. She is also back on the exemplary behavior of the Mourides and their full inclusion in American society where they play a role in the economic field.

The Caliph's response was forwarded by his son Serigne Cheikhouna MBACKE who thanked the Ambassador for her presence and she was welcomed in the city of Serigne Touba. The Caliph also asked her to get more assistance to the  Mouride disciples and all Muslims on American soil before he prayed for her and her delegation. Her Excellency and her delegation were given a reception hosted by Serigne Mame Mor MBACKE at the residence Cheikhoul Khadim.

In the afternoon, she stopped at the Great Mosque of Touba for a tour of discovery and the Library Cheikhoul Khadim before visiting the headquarters of Hizb ut-Tarqiyyah.

Ambassador to the center of Hizb ut-Tarqiyyah

It was around 16h50 that the delegation arrived in Hizb ut-Tarqiyyah complex where she was greeted by the moral Chief Atou Serigne Diagne and the officials of the organization. 

In the large reception room of the complex building "Alieu'' was waiting a large audience composed of men and women of all members of the Hizb ut-daara Tarqiyyah of Touba who came monitor the communications within the program of the visit.

Serigne Diagne Atou, Chief Morale in his welcome message camped visit his excellence in the exchange program and aid to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in which health plays an important role. This also justifies the presence of officials from USAID to increase awareness in order to significantly reduce maternal morbidity and infant mortality. He concluded by welcoming the entire delegation accompanying Ms. Bernicat.

The Ambassador in her response to magnify the excellent relations between our two countries have and appreciated at its true value the rich cultural heritage and the competence of human resources which the country abounds. The U.S. will be at the forefront of the fight against poverty and for the well being of populations has been reaffirmed.

After the speeches, Dr. Sow USAID made a slide show with commentary on the major causes of maternal and infant mortality before the debate is open.

A very rich discussion and interventions took place which reflect the importance of the topic where both men and women and religious personalities have their say. After the discussion, Hizb ut-Tarqiyyah hosted a reception for Her Excellency and the entire delegation.