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Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba recognized but one authority and but one truth, that of his Lord. He adhered strictly to this authority and truth. His reference in thought and in act was the Prophet Sayidinna Mohammad (PBUH) and the model was based on service rendered to the whole of humanity. This is in accordance with the Lord's saying that Mohammad (PBUH) has been sent as Mercy for the whole of Humanity.

The whole process of the establishment of the colonial administration was effected under heavy military constraint. The colonizer knew only the language of force and imposed itself only by using this force.
 This culture of physical and moral violence was therefore its favourite and usual way of operating. Since the Sheikh recognized only God's authority, the colonial administration considered this declaration as an offence and sought to drive him to use its strategy - the use of force, violence to bring about annihilation. In conformity with a culture and practice of peace embedded in his very being, Sheikh did not react to provocations and humiliations. During his transfer to Dakar, soon after his trial in 1895, which marked a long period of exile triggered by the relentless attitude of the Governor of the colony, it happened that one night he was detained in inhuman conditions in a dark, narrow cell. It was strewn with metal bars and pointed spearheads, which prevented him from either lying down or sitting. This made him write :
« Each time I recall this night, this Governor and the ignominy (of the conditions of this detention), I felt like having recourse to arms, but Al-Mahi, the Eraser (of sins and pains), the Prophet (PBUH) forbade me ». Extract from Jaza'u Shakur

Non violence is therefore the basis of active dynamic and merciful faith of the Sheikh and this extract truly confirms that God and His Messenger, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), were the sources of inspiration for all the action he undertook.

"God and Muhammad suffice me, I have no need of minor kings and auxiliairies" (Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba)