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Waxtaan Serigne Khadim Lo Touba Michigan mosque on July 13th, 2009

Grand Magal of Touba in Michigan USA, Edition 2011: Announcement, Preparation, and Objectives.

As Salaamou Alaykum Muslim Brothers and Sisters!!!
The Foundation khadimu Rassul of Michigan and all its members have the great honor and pleasure to celebrate again the Grand Magal of Touba, on Sunday, January 23th, 2011. In this perspective, the organizing committee of the Magal and the cultural commissions and cells of the Foundation have been holding preparatory meetings to set the objectives of this special day. Besides, members have been extremely diligent in deploying all the means and efforts to make this commemoration another blessing and success this year.
As an annual recall, the General Khalif of Murids Sheikh Sidy Mbacke Moukhhtar spoke Thursday 1st of the month of Safar 1432 corresponding to January 6th, 2011 to all Murids. The main object is a reminder of the recommendations on the Grand Magal of Touba as directed by Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba, Khadimu Rassul.
In other words, joining Khadimu Rassul in this day that expresses his gratitude to his Lord. "Sacrificing species from the chicken to the camel, each individual is asked to devote the best of his opportunities without restriction," said Khadimu Rassul.
Yet, the Khalif reminded the main purpose of the Magal is to make receptions in honor of families to join him in this exceptional day that goes to his Lord, for the countless benefits that were bestowed to Khadimu Rassul after his memorable exile on 18 Safar. With that, he insisted on two fundamental points of this event: celebration affairs and the Holy Quran Reading. Therefore, that is a tradition that he perpetuates by its call to appeal the whole family of Khadimu Rassul and all the disciples.
Sheikh Sidy Mbacke also laid emphasis on the recommendations of Khadimu Rassul whose compliance with is a pledge that guarantees the sincerity of our affiliation with him. He set aside an exhortation to the observance of the five daily prayers and celebrations in the mosques as well as the Koran reading.
May we all be blessed with health and longer life to attend this great celebration!!!

Here is the video of the event announcement by the General Khalif of Murids, Sheikh Sidy Mbacke: