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Conference Serigne Aliou Mbacke
    Magal 2009 - Detroit Michigan
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Waxtaan Serigne Khadim Lo Touba Michigan mosque on July 13th, 2009

Remembering Serigne Saliou Mbacke: A hero of faith

    He was the remaining son of the well known Sheik Ahmadou Bamba, founder of Mouridism, Senegal's most powerful Islamic brotherhood. Serigne Saliou Mbacke is the fifth caliph of Muridism. After the passing of the founder, Sheik Ahmadou Bamba his preeminent sons replaced him under the guidance of Murids. The first was Serigne Mouhammadou Mustapha Mbacke from 1927 to 1945, then Serigne Mouhammadou Fadilou Mbacke from 1945 to 1968, after him came Serigne Abdou Ahad Mbacke from 1968 to 1989.

Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba: A Source of Inspiration For World Peace

    Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba recognized but one authority and but one truth, that of his Lord. He adhered strictly to this authority and truth. His reference in thought and in act was the Prophet Sayidinna Mohammad (PBUH) and the model was based on service rendered to the whole of humanity. This is in accordance with the Lord's saying that Mohammad (PBUH) has been sent as Mercy for the whole of Humanity.

    The whole process of the establishment of the colonial administration was effected under heavy military constraint. The colonizer knew only the language of force and imposed itself only by using this force.     Read more...
The Ambassador of the United States in Touba, Senegal

    Ms. Marcia Bernicat, Ambassador of the United States in Senegal has been in the holy city of Touba, this Wednesday, December 16, 2009. For her first visit to the religious city, she was accompanied by members of her family and her closest collaborators. Among them her advisers and a delegation from USAID.

Ms. Bernicat and her delegation at the Al Azhar Touba

    Mrs. Bernicat first met Serigne Mame Mor MBACKE Ibn Serigne Mourtada at the Al Azhar Ndame which held a grand ceremony in the massive presence of students of Serigne Saliou Mbacke Mourtada, CEO of Al Azhar, Amadou Samb Director of Ndame center and the facility staff.     Read more...

The US Ambassador’s visit to Serigne Mame Mor: A Defining Moment For The Senegalese-American Murid Community

    History repeats itself as they often say. From Serigne Mourtada’s relationship with David Norman Dinkins, a former politician from New York City who was the Mayor of NYC from 1990 through 1993 and the first African American to hold that office. It’s now Serigne Mame Mor’s turn with Madam Marcia Bernicat, the United States Ambassador to Senegal. On Wednesday, December 16, 2009, Madam Ambassador, together with her family and colleagues, has visited the Murid capital for the first time. Read more...

Magal of Daroul Khoudoss 2010: Who Was Serigne Mouhammadoul Moustapha Mbacke?

At the time when the French colonial power was weary of its attempts to physically eliminate the peaceful and forgiving Sheikh (Ahmadou Bamba) in the painful and iniquitous exile that they took him in Gabon, Central Africa, they decided to bring him back to Senegal thus acknowledged their failure to being able to extinguish him and his ideas. However, the colonizers did not disarm themselves completely: instead, their new strategy of combatting him was to transpose their attempts to physically destroy him into an intellectual and cultural war so as to erase his teachings and ideas from the minds of his disciples. Read  more....


Waxtanou Magal 2011
Grand Magal of Touba, Edition 2011 in Michigan USA: Announcement, Preparation, and Objectives.

    As Salaamou Alaykum Muslim Brothers and Sisters!!!
    The Foundation khadimu Rassul of Michigan and all its members have the great honor and pleasure to celebrate again the Grand Magal of Touba, on Sunday, January 23th, 2011. In this perspective, the organizing committee of the Magal and the cultural commissions and cells of the Foundation have been holding preparatory meetings to set the objectives of this special day. Besides, members have been extremely diligent in deploying all the means and efforts to make this commemoration another blessing and success this year... Read more....
Commemoration of the Magal of Porokhane, in Detroit, Michigan.
    The Women section of the Foundation Khadimu Rassul of Michigan has celebrated, in fervor and solemnity, the traditional Magal of Porokhane, in Southfield, Michigan, on Thursday April 14, 2010, in remembrance of Mame Diarra Bousso, Diariyatoul Laahi.
    She was a symbol of devotion and piety, a great scholar who mastered and well versed in the fields of theology, philosophy, and Islamic jurisprudence. Education and worshipping Allah were her way of life. Her sense of moral and her attachment to her cultural values, her family, and community made her one of the greatest woman of her time.
    Mame Diarra Bousso’s high spirit and strength in character and personality combined with her adherence...     Video!..
Kurel Touba Michigan

     Video announcement SANT SERIGNE TOUBA - FUNDRAISING on March 27, 2015 in Detroit Michigan

Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba Day in LosAngeles, CA:
 Bernard Park Council member
Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba Day in Raleigh, NC:
Mayor Charles Meeker and Senator Larry Shaw​
Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba Day Philadelphia, PA
Serigne Mame Mor Mbacke visits Pope Benoit 16 at the Vatican